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  • "Simplicity and ease of use keep people happy to use it"

    Khoirul Fahmi, Hafizh Al-Quran

  • "BeHafizh really helps busy people who want to memorize Al-Quran. Provide features suitable and easy to use"

    Noor Akhmad Setiawan, Teacher of Tahfizh Boarding School for College Student De Muttaqin, Yogyakarta

  • "Interesting app to help your repetition, it can also be used to train your strength of Quran memorization"

    Muhammad Abid Mubarak, Hafizh Al-Quran

  • "Suitable to use anytime, especially when there is no friend or ustadz to help you review your Quran memorization"

    Verdiaz R, Hafizh Al-Quran

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Memorization Test

BeHafizh Smart Memorization Test will give you difference experience of Quran memorization test. BeHafizh will test your Quran memorization based on your quality which might be different for each user.

Audio Player

BeHafizh have Al-Quran audio player designed to help you memorize Al-Quran. You can choose at certain range and play it repeatedly.

Statistic Color

BeHafizh give some colors next to every surah to indicate which surah you feel difficult and needs to be repeated more.

Gudeg Barakah

We are a group of young people who want to give more benefits from our knowledge. If you have any suggestions, let us know it. We will be glad to hear it from you :) Contact us using this media:

telephone : +62813-9253-4092
email : support@behafizh.com
facebook : BeHafizh

Assalamu'alaikum !